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We invest in strong cash flow positive IT MSP businesses that have a strong management team looking to stay on and continue to build on a great culture. 

What We Look For

Want to know what your IT MSP is worth?


Owner Managed

IT MSP businesses that are owner managed, not private equity or investment backed.


Established with a strong client base

Businesses with strong client retention and loyalty, contracted revenues.  No start-ups.  At minimum 5-years in operations.


Strong Management Team

Businesses with a strong management team and key employees in North America that are seeking to stay on and operate the business post-transition. 


Cash Flow Positive

EBITDA (Earnings before Interest Taxes and Depreciation) between $1 - $5 million.


Recurring Revenues

Recurring revenues to make up at minimum 50% of total revenues, through contracts, monthly fees.


Strong EBITDA and Cash Flow Margins

EBITDA margins of at minimum 15%.

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