Our Process


How It Works

We want to make things easy, transparent and simple.   Our 8- step process:

Schedule a Virtual Coffee

We would love to hear your story and we would like to tell you more about us and how we operate.


If there is a fit on your end and ours, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") to legally keep your information confidential.  

High level review of the business

At this stage, after the NDA is signed, we will ask for standard information to get a better understanding of the business.  This includes: past 3-years of historical financial statements, year-to-date financials, understanding of customer and vendor concentration risk, etc.  Don't worry, we make this easy and have a list that we go over with you, and are available to answer any questions.

High level discussions on valuation

After we review the information, we schedule a call to get a better understanding of what your expectations on your business exit and valuation are.  How much do you need, want, expect?  Are you looking for a full or partial exit or a Management Buyout?  For a free valuation assessment of your MSP business, we encourage you to visit our site: www.mspvaluation.com


If we see a fit and you see us as a potential partner, we will issue a Letter of Intent ("LOI"),  giving you a high level overview of how we would proceed to acquire your business and partner with you depending on your objectives and based on our discussions.  We firmly believe in strong communication and transparency.  No games, no waste of time.  Let's simply get the deal done and start the growth  journey.

Due Diligence 

After the LOI is signed we start our deeper due diligence process.  This may involve reviewing key contracts, looking at supplier and client relationships, technology due diligence (if it applies), as well as deeper financial due diligence.  We will keep you informed of every step and have a standard due diligence checklist that we will go over with you.  This process take around 45-90 days, depending on the complexity of your organization.

Legal Agreements, Funding and Close 

At this stage, we finalize either the Shareholder Purchase Agreement ("SPA") or Asset Purchase Agreement, based on what we would have agreed upon at the LOI stage.  Funding is done directly or via escrow with lawyers.  The deal is closed.  We celebrate with champagne!


We go over our 100 Day Plan to make sure everyone is onside and to minimize transition risk.  Employees are key to the business and to us. We will do our utmost to make employees feel empowered and part of the future growth of the business.

Are you ready for our coffee chat?