Partnership Models


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Growth Seeker / Partial Exit

If you are looking to capitalize on your business and get rewarded for your hard earned retirement funds but don't want to fully leave operations, then this option is for you.  We can work with you to buy the majority of your MSP business, while you stay on to oversee operations and work on a succession plan based on your objectives.  You get the best of both worlds.  Plus you get to capitalize on the growth upside of your minority position.   We provide maximum flexibility to meet your needs.

Retirement / Full Exit

As an MSP owner looking to capitalize on your business for your retirement plans or simply wanting to start a new venture, we can help.  We can buy 100% of your business.


If you know of any MSP businesses that would be a great fit, please introduce us. As a thank you gift, we provide Referral Fees.   Contact Us for more details.

Management Buyouts

For senior level IT and/or MSP professionals looking to buy their employer or another MSP business.    We will become your partner and you can retain minority equity and the opportunity to run and operate the business.  By working together, we obtain growth upside and unlimited growth potential.  We value confidentiality and privacy.  

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